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  Secret Adventures

Secret Adventures follows the exploits of Andrea Thomas - the most imaginative babysitter since Mary Poppins - as she tries to survive 7th grade at her hip junior high school, her not-so-hip times at home, and taking care of Matt and Rebecca Long.

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  • There are 7 Secret Adventures mini-movie® episodes - each combining live-action filmmaking with computer generated images and animation to make Drea's imagination "come to life" with fast-paced comedy and positive life lessons.

  • Featured guest appearances by celebrities in the fields of sports, music and entertainment.

  • Voted one of the Best Shows for Girls by TV Guide.

  • Garnered 31 creative and 14 sales awards.

  • Product extensions include: a series of juvenile fiction books and Spanish language episodes on home video (Aventuras Secretas), distributed by Broadman and Holman Publishers.
"Fast, funny, and refreshingly wholesome…my kids can't get enough of Secret Adventures."
- Michael Medved, New York Post

Produced by TLC Entertainment in association with Broadman & Holman Publishers.


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